Instant due dilligence document review

LexSnap is a no-nonsense AI search engine that takes the pain out of due diligence document review.

Our simple point-and-shoot interface helps legal professionals work faster and smarter, so they can better leverage existing data.

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Refreshingly simple

So easy to use you’ll see value from day one

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Minimal set up

Three step DIY process for implementation

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Search with ease on the fly

Our semantic search technique allows users to search for the relevant information and to ask basic legal questions.

Answers are provided with contextual information and grouped by relevance, making the data easier to navigate.

End your struggle today

Manually completing the initial triage stage for due diligence can be arduous and time consuming.

Our search engine combats this by reviewing and categorising documents based on your own search criteria.


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Legal Assistant

Extract attachments and email text from your inbox in moments

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Upload a vast range of documents and search within them



Data Extraction

Categorise your data with ease and increase efficiency

With a few clicks you can optimise organisation and efficiency in the due diligence process, freeing up your time to focus on more important work.